Napoleon and Kruszynka

Each place has its own story, and each story has its characters. This will be a tale about a French Emperor and a beautiful girl. The story, which took place in Kruszyna Tavern.

Napoleon Bonaparte visited Boleslawiec several times. Visit in May 1812 was very short. After a welcoming ceremony, the emperor decided to stop for the night at the Under the Black Eagle hotel. After a long journey, he dreamed of a hot cup of tea. Rosalie brings it to him, called Kruszynka because of her appetising, round shapes, betraying her love for good food. Bonaparte is talking to a girl, and is becoming more and more attracted to the resident of Kruszyna. Unfortunately, time is running out. The emperor leaves town in a hurry but pretty Kruszynka remains in his memory.

The emperor arrives in town again on 13th December 1812, when incognito, as the Duke of Vicenza under the name of Caulaincourt, has escaped from Moscow. He travels by sleigh, which during 22 degrees frost are bursting, forcing Napoleon to stop. Despite the threat of arrest by the Prussians, he stops at the same hotel, in the same room on the first floor. He is chilled, so as once he ordered tea. Once again, Rosalie brings it to him, who immediately recognises Prince Napoleon. They're talking more and more, when a trusted servant of Bonaparte informs him of the circulating Prussians near the hotel. The girl has persuaded the emperor to hide in her home in Kruszyn. A gambling night trip ends happily and they both arrive to Rosalie's family village.

There, they are giving away their emotions and spend an entrancing night together. Actually, only a part of the night, because Napoleon's aide who came along, warns him of the approaching danger. God of War is forced to leave the sleeping Kruszynka, doing so reluctantly, he's grieving to leave this gorgeous girl. In a hurry, he's writing a few words for goodbye, explanation of his behaviour and that he is running away from the land of Boleslawiec. He visits Boleslawiec twice afterwards, but he never met Rosalie again, who remains just a beautiful memory.

How much truth is contained in this story? Rather, we'll never know. The truth is not important here but the beauty of the story, which could have taken place right here. And this is why, for the remembrance of beautiful Kruszynka in the place where she supposedly lived, we opened a tavern to remind us about Rosalie and Napoleon's unfinished letter.