If you find yourself in Kruszyna by accident, shortly afterwards you will realise that this is not an ordinary place, its unique atmosphere is not only created by the tastes and smells, but also by the objects which were intentionally and deliberately selected to the wooden interiors 'with soul'. Old dishes, vases, pots, old sewing machine, even a telephone and other various instruments discreetly remind us of the elapsed time and teach us respect for the past.
In Kruszyna we understand that eating is a ritual, beautiful spaces and objects that could still be of functional use, help us to derive joy from it. Old grinders, irons or beautiful, colourful bottles enliven the interiors of the Tavern and makes it unique. Exhibits, that we collected for years, they are functional and ornamental, and often useful which brings them back to life.
We invite you to Kruszyna, where you can have a good meal surrounded by the objects that recall the past in order to give strength and joy today.